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An old game that I made back in 2015 for Ludum Dare 32.  When I originally made it, there were a few bugs, but I've gone back and fixed them so I could upload it here.  This game was made entirely by myself, in the span of 2 days, using Monogame.

You play as a young girl trying to fend off the shadows and make it to sunrise.  You use your stuffed rabbit as a weapon to repel enemies (the theme of the Ludum Dare was "An Unconventional Weapon"). 

There are two types of enemies in the game: small shadows and large shadows.  

Small shadows will hone in on your position, and must be repelled by using your rabbit (hold space bar).  Large shadows will ignore you, but if you use your rabbit around them, they will panic and begin to run faster, sometimes into you.  As the night goes on, it gets darker and darker, and harder to tell between the two.  Eventually it becomes pitch black, and all you can do is watch their glowing eyes....

Published Aug 15, 2017
TagsLudum Dare 32

Install instructions

To play, simply unzip Rabbit.zip, and run Rabbit.exe in the folder.


Rabbit.zip 4 MB

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